• The expertise of Geneva's banks in asset management is famous throughout the world, and whilst there are many European customers, there are also many customers from other parts of the world. There is no doubt that respect for privacy and discretion shown by Swiss banks have contributed greatly to the development of Geneva's financial sector.


    Yet another criterion is the volume of Geneva-based fiduciary transactions and assets under management.  According to a recent study, foreign and Swiss banks based in Geneva account for 30% of the overall volume of fiduciary transactions in Switzerland.


    Private and institutional assets managed by banks operating in Geneva are estimated at CHF 2,000 billion. Since Switzerland manages some 35% of global international assets, it can be estimated that about 14% of these are managed in Geneva, thus making Geneva the world capital of asset management. Being based in Geneva, our partners can help you tap into the vast amount of resources the city has to offer.

  • RAMPartners advises a global client base with respect to Swiss bank account opening procedures. Being based in Geneva, RAMPartners has excellent contacts with several of the leading private banks. The appropriate bank will be determined based upon the client's requirements. Swiss banks offer the same range of services of other banks: checking accounts, savings accounts, custodial accounts, etc. They also will hold other valuables like stock certificates, gold, silver, and other property for a fee. Swiss bank accounts are protected under Swiss law from any intrusions unless you're engaged in criminal activity.


    We work closely with our clients to understand their needs before we recommend a certain institution or account structure. Some of the points to consider include:

    •     What is the purpose of the account? (personal, corporate, savings)

    •     What base reference currency is appropriate?

    •     Numbered account or named account?

    •     Private Bank or Global bank?


    The partners of RAMPartners have over 150 years of combined experience in dealing with Swiss financial institutions. RAMPartners specializes in a broad range of portfolio management services and activities. All accounts are opened exclusively in the name of the client at one of the major banks we work with. All of our bank contacts are globally known and are some of the biggest in Switzerland. Most big banks now have hundreds of clients for each bank officer. We pride ourselves in a low employee to client ratio. Instead of revolving doors, you get personalized service from a professional team that is fully dedicated to client satisfaction.


    Traditional Portfolios

    RAMPartners provides Discretionary  and Advisory portfolio management for accounts beginning at 250,000 CHF.

    • Discretionary management is where we make all investment decisions based on your approved overall strategy.

    • Advisory management is where you take all the final decisions, but we are giving you our recommendations and         advice, plus we are providing you with the research and analysis to support those decisions.


    We believe that successful portfolio management follows a detailed process. The first step is in determining our client's needs and objectives. Portfolio structures might be entirely different for different clients, but the process we go through is exactly the same.

  • ARAMPartners, we view Institutional Asset Management as a methodical process. We focus on guiding clients through the development, implementation and maintenance of a well designed and prudent investment process. Strategic planning and coordination of traditional investment products and services is the most important "value added" that an investment management firm can provide.


    The 5 Step Process


    • Analyze - RAMPartners will review and analyze your investment and administrative goals, objectives, and needs. Through this analysis we will determine where you have been in order to map out the strategy best suited for your specific goals.


    • Design - The development of an asset allocation strategy requires thoughtful inquiry and evaluation to ascertain the client's goals and objectives. RAMPartners will assist the client in determining a set of optimal asset allocation strategies that have the highest probability of meeting their needs.


    • Formalize - The Investment Policy Statement is an invaluable strategic planning tool for intelligent investment management. RAMPartners will help the client develop a "working document", the contents of which will change as client goals and objectives change. The document will become a paper trail for trustees, beneficiaries or future investment committee members.


    • Implement - RAMPartners will review current money manager structure and assist in a due diligence process to select alternative money managers and vendors, if necessary.


    • Monitor - RAMPartners utilizes sophisticated performance measurement capabilities to provide a comprehensive and informative evaluation of the total portfolio and individual portfolio managers on an ongoing basis. The organization and content of a performance measurement report enables each client to determine "why" performance results were achieved, and to identify adjustments which periodically become necessary to maintain performance and manage risk.